While We're At It... Walmart

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Walmart (previously hyphenated) is introducing a new logo that surfaced by mistake over the weekend when The Wall Street Journal reported that the Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development had received documents from Walmart with the intent of opening a prototype store there. An artist rendering on those documents showed a new sign over the facade of the proposed store. And that’s when the new logo was (un)officially introduced to the world.

Read the whole story over on Brand New.

What’s up with this jacked up rendering? Hilarious. Should have called this guy.


hello, the rendering is probably of the the sign of the store at street level…

now, the anus mark, that’s another story

I hate Walmart. These guys are evil!

that rudy sanchez sure knows how to render…

you can render like that in about 3 days. just pick up SketchUp . if you want to see real high end rendering check this guy out

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