MacHEADS: The Movie

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We’re seriously considering a PC after seeing this.


Wow, that pretty much sums up my view of Mac users…entirely. God bless Bill Gates for this insightful film.

I have both a Mac and PC. I do like my Mac more but I am fully aware they are soulless machines. I could give two shits about either of them so long as the internet works on them and I can get some work done using them.

Seems like another sign of the sad times to me that people could care so much about something so pointless.

Get a life people.

What a great Michael Moore-esque interpretation of Mac.

It’s like organized religion gone awry. Devotion is okay. Fanaticism is just creepy.

The one thing that mac users forget is that you are buying
a gadget just like every other gadget, but that is where
Job’s genius lies he markets it as more than that, a way to enrich your life.

Ya, that documentary makes me want to hurt something. But Apple still does rock. I get tingles down my spine when new product releases come out. And I have a life :/

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