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Apple is really opening up new territory with this newest addition to their Mac web banner campaign featured on The NY Times. Awesome new use of multiple banners on the page to tell an intriguing story. TV can’t do that. (This piece has already been taken down. If you missed it online, here’s the YouTube link.)

(Via AdFreak.)


“We’ve got the whole Internet to correct.”

Well written. Well directed. Well concepted. Well thought out. This work goes so much deeper than simply breaking the confines of the standard banner ad. The whole campaign makes us reconsider our own work, and is damn entertaining to boot. Screw impressed, I’m jealous.


These last few apple banner posts have been outstanding.


i’m amazed this campaign has yet to go stale. they are fresh and funny every time.

The ‘Mac’ character perfectly personifies the snotty, elitist, asshole mac owner. I’ve had macs in addition to my main PCs in the studio for about 10 years and they are good – not perfect – and definitely not ‘easier’ to use and maintain than PCs. Especially if you’re talking about corporate network environments, games, audio etc etc. The ads are perfect because the product is pointed at people who want to feel superior in their choices and look leet -they want to BUY cool. It works but it sickens me at the same time, and to be honest, makes me feel just a little bit like a douchebag whenever I pull my macbook pro out of my bag.

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