Right Guarded

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We were gonna post up this clever-ish Right Guard campaign, and then we realized two things, (a) it’s comp work, (b) it’s been done before.

But here it is anyway, followed by the original.


Yeah, a lot of stuff in student books has already been done. I’m seeing this more and more. It’s unfortunate. I saw an campaign in a book from CU that was an exact lift of a current famous ambient media campaign for Snickers. It was like they took the Snickers campaign out of a book and just put it into their book. This is what happens when instructors don’t know the work out there. It’s too bad.

I would take David’s comment a step further. It isn’t just the instructors not knowing what’s already out there, there are plenty of working creatives who fall into the same category.

It is a shame.

Three points on this:
1) It’s impossible to be aware of everything going on in this industry, some overlap is inevitable.

2) The problem with instructors around here is none are honest with their students, and they all seem to just latch on to the star students and let the rest flounder. Professors take note: if there’s a kid in your class who’s not very good or doesn’t seem cut out for this work, take an interest in him and try and help him develop and if it still isn’t working then you need to tell him that! Don’t just take his money and push him along cough Art Institute! Art Institute! cough

3) This reminds me of Hyper Colors. I really want them to make a comeback, but only if they could figure out how to keep the entire world from knowing that your armpits and nipples are considerably warmer (or colder) than the rest of your body.

Yep, some people do come to the same conclusions.

The “replica” ad is well done though and Jung Von Matt themselves are the kings of spec-looking advertising (very prolific at this sort of visual solution stuff). However, no one sweats this much playing badminton :-) Squash yes.

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