Undrcrwn Obama Tshirt @ the 400

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Premium apparel company Undrcrwn is bringing its basketball-inspired graphic twist to Denver for the Democratic National Convention during the week of August 25, 2008. “Nothing is more basic than our right to vote for our President and we wanted to put our own visual look to the November election to show our support. For inspiration, we brought back Vince Carter’s dunk over France’s Fred Weiss in the 2000 Olympics and combined it with Barak Obama’s smooth game” says Bryon Sheng, Uncrwn’s marketing director.

Undrcrwn has partnered with local Denver retailer The 400 to offer this tee to the public during the Democratic National Convention.

We dunno guys, Undrcrwn has done some really cool stuff in the past, but this is kinda janky.

Also, how on earth is this gonna get screenprinted? We count like 20 colors and as many gradients. Iron-on?


Thermal print I assume, but who cares how it happens – it’s so sick. Nike ad inspired dunk to McCain’s face…dope.

janky? ,rubbish… this shirt is great.

I think the shirt is funny. Plus, you used the word janky in the post. What a morning!

ugly. as. shit.

idea is funny, but goddamn that thing sucks

seems to be playing up some stereotypes but what do I know.

Maybe just print the jpg on some epson iron on paper and go to town.

this only helps Denver Suck More…

[you should have included a teleprompter since he can’t leave home without it]

a work of art!

Spike Lee was interviewed wearing it on the convention floor tonight. He said he bought 20 of them and shipped them back to New York.

i bought one of these in denver. it is an amazing t-shirt all the way from the print (not thermal, not cheap, not janky) to the concept behind the design. for those that don’t know it’s based off the vince carter dunk in the olympics.

mccain is waving a white flag with suit shorts on! this is an instant classic- I got two.


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