Olympus Binoculars: Optical Zoom

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So damn good (and even better up-close.) Give the images a click. Agency: JWT, Sydney.

(Via Comunicadores)


Great execution, but WEAK ASS THINKING.
It’s no surprise even the Egotist, in their alcohol-fueled, Friday afternoon searching could find another campaign very similar from another manufacturer…THEY ARE SELLING THE CATEGORY NOT THE BRAND.
And they are doing so by focusing on the very first, most obvious feature. Congratulations creative team, you realized binoculars make things look closer. If that took you more than 7 seconds to realize, you are not smarter than a 3 year old.
Congratulations on getting into the awards annuals with these pretty pictures, but then again, all you did was pick a photographer with a fantastic stylist. They are the ones who deserve the credit.

Yeah, this idea is way beyond tired, it’s exhausted. I’ve seen it way too much in European annuals over the past 5 to 7 years. It’s been done so much better before. Even the old “giant ice cream cone” (and other objects) campaign was better than this. The campaign with the lion up close is better than this (from what? Three years ago?!). Jesus.

I like them, made me laugh!

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