Bynolyt Binoculars: Eskimo

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This is a very similar execution as the ads below, also for binoculars. Which do you prefer and why?

(Via Scary Ideas)


I don’t know how she saw the eskimo looking at her…where are her binoculars? And the other seems to be an animal attractor more then just seeing them closer. I’m going to have to topless lady, I mean the eskimo ad.

It doesn’t matter how she saw the eskimo. The fact is, you get it right away…these are some damn good binoculars. Sure, maybe if she had a pair of binoculars around her neck as well then it would make more literal sense. But this blows away the ads that make me wonder why I would want to see exotic animals’ nuts up close.

I have to side with Jeff here, these do at least say, “really powerful binocs”.

She probably just left them at the beach with her top and towel…I like to pack light when I travel too.

Wait, I don’t get it. How did she sunbathe in the freezing cold without her top on?


I am going to have to express some confusion to Jeff’s response, who doesn’t want to see animal’s nuts up close?


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