Apple + Starbucks Partnership

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Apple is holding a press conference as we speak (er, type) to announce a handful of new iPods and features. The only one that really relates to this food is the new iTunes Wireless Music Store and their partnership with Starbucks.

That’s right, if you own an iPhone or run out and purchase one of the new wi-fi enabled iPhone-look-a-like iPods, you’ll be able to download music on the go and when you walk into a Starbucks, a list of the song playing throughout the store as well as the last 10 songs played will appear on your screen. If you see or hear something you like, you can download it.

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this is pretty amazing, but i think it is weak that you have to pay for wi-fi at starbucks. $5 for coffee (which i gladly pay) and i can’t use the internet without handing over more money? c’mon, really?

notice they said free access to the wi-fi itunes music store if you have an iphone, not free internet access.

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