The New Photoshop Logo

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John Nack, Adobe Photoshop’s Senior Product Manager, announced the release of the new Adobe Photoshop logo and tagline two days ago on his blog. The reaction? Ninety-nine comments (so far) on just how sucky the majority of the world thinks it is. Have to agree there.


bashing on big name logo design is fun and all, but i get this one and at face value i like it.

it’s a stretch but with the addition of the tagline it represents “if you can think it you can do it,” to me. and it is an original p letterform. it seems like a lot of people on the other blog were missing that. it’s hard to critique the type with the image as small as it is. i think the descender on the p is wreaking havok on the tagline positioning.

i think gradient 3-d rendered logos are weak. trying to make a half-baked idea look better than it is, something similar to trying to polish a turd, but i can see this working as a solid 1 color mark and maybe that’s why this one doesn’t bug me as much. i’m just imagining it as solid blue.

now, does it make sense with the new look established with cs3? no. is that weird? very. but i don’t hate it like i hated quark’s new, now old, logo.

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