New Chicago Olympic Logo

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VSA has done it again with the new Chicago Olympic bid logo. In case you don’t remember, the first one was kicked to the curb by the Olympic committee because it used the Olympic torch. The revised logo can be seen in all its glory at the new site, (what’s up with the jpeg artifacting?)


I like the torch. I don’t even get the star?

agreed, the torch says olymics way more than the star does. oh wait:

The IOC rules state that a logo “shall not contain the Olympic symbol, the Olympic motto, the Olympic flag, any other Olympic-related imagery (e.g., flame, torch, medal, etc.), slogan, designation or other indicia or the distorted version thereof or a design confusingly similar thereto.’‘ you’re pitching to get the olympics and you can’t refer to the olympics? isn’t that a drinking game?

vsa, take a drink

The star is from Chicago’s municipal flag.

I like it. It’s better than the London Olympic logo. Egotist you need to put that one up so we can all throw some verbal tomatoes at it, because that one is an abortion of good taste.

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