Mediamatic's El Hema Design Competition

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Hema is a popular Dutch department store chain selling low priced housewares and other items made by Hema itself.

According to the media foundation Mediamatic in Amsterdam, Hema is the most public manifestation of Dutch culture. Some countries find their identity in churches, the Dutch identify with Hema; a living monument of practical colorful clearness with value for the money.

And so, in relation to a project on Arabic-Dutch art, design and culture, Mediamatic launched the competition ‘El Hema’ that explores what an Arabic version of the Dutch cultural brand Hema would look like. What would the typography look like? What items would they sell? What would be the opening hours?

People are invited to submit their ideas and designs for El Hema products and concepts. The best submissions will be included in an exhibition and the best overall idea will receive an award.

The winners of the competition have been announced, with first prize going to The White Room for their design of a satellite dish sticker. Anybody know someone at DirecTV we can sell this idea to? See the rest of the winners here.

(Via Guerrilla Innovation.)


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