New Ruby Tuesday logo

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Pentagram (Austin) has recently unveiled their rebranding of RubyTuesday.

You can read more about it here.

Here at The Egotist, we’re so impressed by the new logo that we couldn’t help but take the liberty of working ahead and putting together Pentagram’s next several redesigns for major companies. No worries guys, it’s on us.

Should any major corporations see this and take interest in getting some rebranding work that isn’t horrible, please turn your attention to such fine Denver firms as Cultivator, Fwis, and Moxie Sozo.


I want to read the creative brief behind this new logo. Imagine the hoopla that went into that. Ah pentagram relying on their namesake…at least there are no floating orbs.

I think the new Nike logo should place more emphasis on the e in Nik(e) eg: Nik (in red), e (in black).

That would make for a near perfect logo!

Well Played.

...yeah so it’s a bit dull, but it’s not the worst re-brand in history but it does have strong nostalgic connotations – esp when in situ on the building…

Who cares? What we should really be worried about are all the nasty shit they’re putting in / on the food (and it’s Genes) and how America is massively unhealthy and overweight and not getting any better because of our car / work / fast-food culture…which by the way is consuming the earth to the point of no-return and the Christian fascists that are destroying language in a like something out of Orwell. Forget the logo, lets redesign our lives!

Permaculture yo!

K er n in g

Couldn’t they at least get that right?

Seriously – Clarendon is everywhere these days. Not the best choice for an identity.

Christian Fascists destroying language like something out of Orwell? I think you need to re-read Orwell, you wack job.

Want some cheese with your whine?

An identity is much more than just the logo, and there’s no denying that the old one is just plain horrid in its all bevelness. The new one is rather good instead, it takes courage to be bold and clean.

You can take almost any graphic device and propagate a list of similar identities.

What you’ve done here isn’t clever or insightful in any way.

I agree. Sure, the logo is basic and relatively dull compared to some others. HOWEVER, it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen.

As to your “clever” redesign of other corporate logos, any designer with some photoshop skill can do exactly what you did with almost any other graphic device. Instead of being an egoist like your name says, perhaps try contributing something to the design world by doing an actual intelligent critique.

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