Lowe's Blows

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You know things have gotten truly pathetic in our politically correct-ridden country when Lowe’s goes and does something like this. The best part is the way they’re trying to weasel out of it. Rest assured, you’ll always find the honest truth here on our site – however painful it may be.

(Via Make The Logo Bigger.)


i once saw a phillips-head screwdriver labeled as a flat-head screwdriver in their catalog. i was absolutely disgusted.

I bet she’ll win an Emmy for that. After all, Christmas is under attack!

Man, there are people dying in Iraq, gas just hit $5 a gallon in Alaska, there is ethnic-cleansing in Africa, national debt is at a record 9 trillion and the media still reports bullshit like this? Who gives a shit. Seriously. Call them Christmahaunikaquanza trees for all I care.

I agree with Chris, who gives a shit. They are a company in business to make money. The labeling of Christmas Trees as Family Trees or whatever is just a way to be inclusive and possibly fetch more customers. I would say Channel 12 blows more than Lowes.

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