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THE Font,” otherwise known as Copperplate Gothic Bold speaks to people in glorious and wonderful ways. One font rises above the noise and clatter of common man transcending space and time. Used by the best designers and font houses around the globe, Copperplate Gothic Bold really does say that special something when impact matters.

This page is dedicated to the glory of Copperplate Gothic Bold. User sightings, commentary and real life applications demonstrating how truly loved and ubiquitous this font has become. Billboards, store displays, TV, even at the doctor’s office, when you need to communicate trust, love and the American way CGB is the font of choice. In Copperplate Gothic Bold we trust.

Hard to take this seriously. Then, you look at the author’s picture and worry that it might be. (Thanks to our friends at Liquid Inc. for the link.)


Hahahah – love it.

That guy is on the cutting edge though…super long URLs are the future of the Intarwebs. ;)

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