Beware The Millenials

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You think hiring green talent is a good idea to save money? Watch out. This new generation comes with a lot of baggage, as evidenced by this 60 Minutes piece from last Sunday night. Don’t fire that aging old codger in the back room yet.


Can say one thing with certainty after mananging creative teams for a decade. The more seasoned the pro, the better the work. There are plenty of creatives out there either recently “divested” from their employer or just not working for one reason or another. I recently hired somebody from the first camp. The results: Fast turn-around, complete understanding of the industry/production/materials, professionalism unmatched by recent grads and a true appreciation of the opportunity in front of them. Amazing work. A price where we both win. No complaints. Sure, the young have a firm grasp on the now. But when it calls for good old-fashioned formal design, the oldies are the goodies.

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