Nas knows how to market

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The rumored new Nas album cover. The dude will go platinum by the title alone.


Hmmmm. We’ll see.

I think naz nigger is gonna get the daz boot. And I don’t mean boat.

I would be amazed if this album was released state side with this title, I bet that this will be a UK release. The word carries too much weight over here, the Gravediggaz for example released their album 6 feet deep in the UK under the title “Niggamortis”... then again…who knows.

hmmm.. who is this person that knows of the gravediggaz??

Im a little unsure based on the fact that Nas thinks he’s being clever or like … outward. as though he thinks he has some sort of special relation to the stigma. I dont know im just tired of people bitching about the same thing they promote or carry on about..

Maybe… if he’d have put out another album as good as illmatic.

illmatic. Yeah man, cause “Sleep is the cousin of death”. Ahh the good old days of NY rap.

Dude is too busy being all preachy and out front with his consciousness to write a good rhyme these days. That ship has sailed.

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