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Each summer, John Bielenberg’s Project M brings together a handful of young designers to spend one month dedicated to a cause where they can make difference by using design. This summer, eight designers traveled to Greensboro, Ala.—a small town in an extremely impoverished county—where, after weeks of research, the designers uncovered a disturbing fact: One-quarter of the county’s residents did not have access to clean water. To draw awareness to the issue, Project M designed and produced a powerful newsprint piece and corresponding website encouraging donors to “buy” the meters to connect residents to the water supply. Amazing little website. (Via Liquid Treat.)


Awesome stuff! Good find. Thanks for sharing, it’s rare to see good advertising that actually has a good purpose. Same goes for the Sukle + Denver Water stuff further down the page. I’m a big fan of that campaign.

Totally agreed, Artistic Mercenary. Every shop worth their salt should have a pro bono account that helps them give back in some way. This site is our pro bono account.

Several of my classmates participated in this program from C.C.A. The reviews were mixed as to the experience….but all came out with some amazing pieces….

Nice, simple and sweet. Any data on their success?


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