gyro Denver Welcomes the World to the World of WOW!

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“Welcome to the world of WOW!” is the inspiration for a new campaign created by gyro Denver to introduce consumers to the genuine side of the cable business. The campaign, which kicked off in April, includes print, outdoor, television and online activations.

Denver-based WOW! is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-speed Internet, cable TV, and phone and serves a growing number of communities in the Midwest and Southeast. Since its founding in 1996, WOW!’s mission has been to stand out from other cable companies by providing a better experience. In an era of increasing cable mergers and media monopolies, creating a fresh campaign rooted in this brand promise was especially important to help WOW! differentiate itself and reinforce how it continues to “shake up” the cable industry.

“WOW! is a cable company that truly believes in doing things differently. It was important for the campaign to demonstrate WOW!’s personality and brand promise in an ownable way,” said Aaron Stern, ECD, gyro Denver. “The work lets the employees stay real while still bringing out the company’s fun side.”

For the broadcast spots, gyro created a structure that uses real employees in a purposefully unpolished way to deliver WOW!’s benefits and customer service promises.

Each spot features an employee talking about a WOW! promise, value or benefit and then cuts to a humorous interpretation or manifestation of that promise. In one spot, a WOW! employee announces that WOW!’s customer service is so great, it “may just give you the warm fuzzies” and then cuts to a scene where happy customers, just visited by a friendly WOW! employee, literally have cute yellow ‘warm fuzzy’ critters all over them.

The print campaign features intricate, miniature paper sets and leverages the talents of fashion photographer Liz Von Hoene, known for her work on behalf of Target, Macy's and Neiman Marcus, among others.

To create the WOW! world for the print ads, gyro worked with a paper artist to create tiny paper worlds full of quirky and whimsical elements like whales and top hats –– not what you'd expect from a cable company. WOW! employees were then composited into the scenes to complete the world.

ECD: Aaron Stern
Sr. Art Director: Rob Lewis
Writer: Justin Horrigan
Agency Producer: Nicole Lundy
Prod. Company: HeLo LA
Director: Alex Grossman
Exec. Producer: Brendan Kiernan
Editorial: HutchCo. LA
Editor: Joaquin Muchado
Graphics/Animation: Royale LA
Music/Mix: Beacon Street LA

ECD: Aaron Stern
Sr. Art Director: Rob Lewis
Writers: Justin Horrigan, Aaron Stern
Art Buyer/Producer: Lisa Schrag
Photographer: Liz Von Hoene
Paper Artist: Matt Sprozinski
Retoucher: Pete DeLong


This is cool. Very cool in fact. Love the way the type is done and the commercials are fun, too. Well done, gyro-ites!

Wow. Pete DeLong playing with the big time shooters . Nice work!

nice work. i especially like the print lines and art direction.

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