Denver's Amélie Releases First Drugged Driving DUI Spots – It's Cool to Be High, Just Not Behind the Wheel

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It's legal to do lots of things high in Colorado, except for driving.

The Colorado Department of Transportation launched their "Drive High Get a DUI" campaign yesterday. Amélie Company is behind the TV spots, that will air March 10-April 14th — perfect timing for 4/20.

"A key insight in our creative research for the Drugged Driving campaign was knowing who the users are. To resonate with this unique bunch of "New Age Stoners" and keep them in the passenger seat, our ideas needed to inform, not point fingers. So instead of vilifying the drug, the campaign takes a light-hearted approach."

The end result delivers a look into the normalcy of being high and functioning without using an accusing tone. They hint slightly at things that might be a little "off" but aren't obvious, which describes the threat of driving high: you think you're just fine, but it's the little things you may not notice that could be lethal.



I was really curious to see how these came out.

I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one, but am I the only one who thinks this whole "dumb stoner" is really pretty ridiculous? and tired. even if its meant to be light hearted, it's 2014. as an industry can we try to change the perception of the pot culture. and for christ sakes. don't use verbiage like new age stoners.

lastly is driving while intoxicated and potentially killing someone a light hearted subject?

I'm jealous I didn't get to do these myself.

I think these are the perfect tone. I'm totally the target audience, and found them quite charming!

^ New Age Stoner

The pot calls the kettle black.

I was joking by the way Greg. Kinda joking anyway.


"as an industry can we try to change the perception of the pot culture"
Stoners are stoners
Boozers are boozers
it doesn't matter that it is legal in this state.
it doesn't matter how mainstream you want it to be.
It is an impairment pure and simple.

You compared smoking to drinking in order to get it decriminalized.
You pushed the potential for tax revenue in order to get it decriminalized.
You called it "medicine" in order to get it decriminalized.
Congrats, you got it decriminalized in this state.
Now shut up and reap what you sowed.
The government is going to tax the shit out of it.
The government is going to regulate the crap out of the industry.
Employers will can your ass for being stoned.
And the rest of the world (including our industry) is going to mock the idiocy of those whose lives revolve around it.

And, to quote the Onion News Network "yes, everyone knows you're stoned."

uh, wut? ^

haha. easy there nancy grace. all i was saying was maybe stop perpetuating a inaccurate stereotype. are you in favor of women voting?

These kind of grow on me after a couple......................;)

Just because you don't like a stereotype, doesn't make it inaccurate. The term you are so carefully trying to spin is negative.

Chris, my only issue with your post is that I'm an Old Age Stoner.

And in the end a waste of money most of the public will never see them they will all be aired back to back at 2 am right before an infomercial.

oh "Anonymous-Deal with it" you sound far to angry, did all the cool kids ignore you in high school so now you are angry at anyone having a good time? did the girl or guy you had a crush on smoke pot and completely snub you? Grow up and stop being such a whiny bitch.

Thought the spots turned out great.Great casting. Humorous scenarios. Clear message.Very relevant to our I-70 ski traffic epidemic we're having.Way too many new age stoners on the road these days. Sober up, people. There's pow in them thar hills.

Like em. And more importantly, all the stoners I knew in college are posting them to Facebook with captions like, "This one is the best!" and "Good job, Colorado."

Thought maybe the grill and the basketball ones could have been 15s. Otherwise nice work.

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