Denver's Karsh Hagan Shows Us How Arrow Is Inspiring Innovation Five Years Out

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What does it mean to be “Five Years Out?” For Karsh Hagan client, Arrow Electronics, it means helping innovators shape the tangible future in innovative ways. To bring that platform to life, Karsh Hagan partnered with LA-based motion graphics company, Flavor. The collaboration produced eight entirely unique videos, one for each of Arrow’s business units, featuring everything from stop-motion to cell animation. Check out all the videos on — a microsite Karsh created for innovators to learn more about Arrow and the inspiring world of “Five Years Out.”

Video and Animation: Flavor
Editor: Cutters
Music: Another Country

Account Director: Lauren Curler
Account Manager: Brooke Berry
Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel
Copywriter: Megan Cohen
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson
VP Brand Strategy and Creative: Charlotte Isoline

Director of Digital: David Stewart
Account Director: Lauren Curler
Account Manager: Brooke Berry
Designer/Developer: Andrew Baker
Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel/Hugo Meyer
Copywriter: Bradley Hein


Cool animations. But the whole "5 years out" concept is pretty lost here. Why is giving old electronics new life 5 years out?

IMO Ogilvy was doing a better job explaining this message.

With all due respect to Ogilvy, this work actually shines a light on what Arrow does, whereas the "Innovators Club" work did not. Also, the commitment to "Five Years Out" is emphasized very effectively IMHO in this campaign showing how young kids' imaginations work: Each "payoff" (cloud, value recovery, etc.) connects how ideas that are still pretty far-fetched represent the future of these important realms.

Finally, courtesy of Flavor, I'll just add that the group is much more than a motion graphics company. All the live-action in each of 8 spots also was shot by Flavor... editorial was handled by the top-level pros at Cutters, and final audio for all 8 spots was mastered by the artists at Another Country. Flavor is part of the Cutters Studios family and they brought amazing talent, production and post-production expertise to this campaign. Thank you for sharing this story friends at Karsh Hagan and The Denver Egotist!

Really beautiful, smart work for a company that sells components. Good job Karsh.

Yeah guys this is amazing stuff. Congratulations for seizing an opportunity. These are fantastic.

Cool stuff guys.

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