Illegal Pete's Slams Burrito Joints that Don't Stir in New Spot from Denver's Nix Bros. and Image Brew

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Fast casual Mexican restaurant Illegal Pete's, creeping up on 7 locations around Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, has released the brand's first commercial. Opting for a comedic approach, the spot stars Denver comedy group, The Grawlix, as characters in a story that sees Ben Roy get hot and bothered over a fictitious burrito peddler's refusal to mix up the ingredients in his lunch. That menu looks an awful lot like Chipotle's, fellas. Good quality ribbing.


This is just disappointing all the way around. The idea, writing, execution, acting/performance- it's a notch above local commercials like Rocky's Auto and Dealing Doug.

wow, that's bad. Really poorly done. A shame, because the brand is cool.

Chipotle staff is always more than happy to stir the contents of my burrito upon request, so from an advertising perspective, this angle makes no sense. However, I am impressed how this ad makes 90 seconds feel like an hour.

Sign your names you sacks of shit

That actor guy is terrible.

Sack of Shit

Sometimes comments like these should remain as thoughts... It's clear it wasn't an A+ production like most of you *cough* produce. No need to be a bunch of sacks of dicks.

so wait, people aren't allowed to criticize here? isn't that the definition of a circle jerk?

you know what makes denver "suck" more? circle jerks.

the irony of one anonymous telling people to sign in is hilarious.

If that was supposed to be comedic, it was an utter failure. The comments on this thread are funnier than the video.

Aside from that, Pete's has other far more redeeming qualities than the fact that they "stir" their burritos - I'm baffled why they would choose that angle as their main selling point.

I sorta pity the people who came up with this - it's just a sad waste of effort and money.

I heard that the extra who played the other guy behind the counter is a demon in the sack.

I love Illegal Pete's but as brands develop they sometimes forget to enlist the help of professionals to help with true brand growth. I don't know who or if they commissioned the work for this spot but clearly the "client" had too much input in this commercial and were dead set on the angle without anyone pushing back on the creative.

Illegal Pete's, we love you, but let the magnitude of agencies in the Denver/Boulder area help conceptualize your creative and execute it. That will really help set you a part. Spend money to make money.

People are taking this commercial way to seriously obviously it's on Funny Or Die to be goofy! I love the entire concept of this video I have been to places where they give me attitude if I want a stir to my burrito! The atmosphere of Illegal Pete's their employees and all the good this company does for the local communities is far above more important than this silly little skit! At least they aren't sell outs and stay true to who they are! BRAVO I SAY BRAVO!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to watch the spot and comment on our "commercial". We have the highest amount of respect for both the actors, The Grawlix, and the Nix Brothers/Image Brew, who produced and shot it. This really is meant as a joke. Ben Roy presented it as an idea for a funny bit awhile back and I said "yeah that sounds great, go for it." That's about as far as the art direction went.

We believe in working with local artists and professionals and in having a bit of fun. With this skit we accomplished both in our minds.

Thanks again for showing interest and enjoying our restaurants.

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