Colorado Creatives Release Football to Football Translator in Time for World Cup Kickoff

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The World Cup, a month-long international soccer tournament, starts today and happens through June and if you’re as clueless as the rest of us real sport-loving Americans, you need a little help. Introducing The Football to Football Translator — a Google Chrome extension that translates the sissy international World Cup lingo on any webpage into real red-blooded NFL-related terminology.


World Cup translates to “Basically, the Super Bowl of Soccer.”

Manager translates to “This is the head coach of the soccer team. A lot of them wear fancy suits because they’re fancy.”

90th minute translates to “The two minute warning without a TV timeout. Sometimes they add 5 extra minutes for no reason though.”

Ben Smith, Stephen Dalton and Harold Jones — a group of advertising creatives living in Colorado — created the app to help their American friends follow and understand all the news surrounding the World Cup. Thanks for the help, fellas.




Great idea from talented dudes. Also, Stephen has a great beard. 

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