Denver’s Fear Not Adds New Client, Launches New Campaign

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If you’ve opened up a US Weekly or People magazine in the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen a piece of Lauren Harper jewelry. Worn by A-list celebrities from Jennifer Garner to Oprah, The Lauren Harper Collection is known for its distinct style, priceless gems and meticulous craftsmanship.

Lauren Harper tapped Denver’s Fear Not to create a print campaign to introduce the brand to a new consumer. A major challenge was the jewelry’s price tag, which can easily run into five figures. Blake Ebel, founder and CCO said, “Instead of dancing around the price tag subject, we made it the subject.”

In selecting Fear Not, Lauren Harper cited the agency’s creative experience “I’ve admired Blake’s work for a long time and wanted a campaign that was as memorable as it was provocative. Fear Not’s ‘Worth the sacrifice’ campaign does a beautiful job of doing just that.”

“We felt the handcrafted, handmade story of the jewelry should come through in the execution,” added Ebel. “We didn’t want just any font, so we sought out a calligraphist who could put their mark on the campaign. We were lucky to find that with Karla Evora. We also sought out photographer Jennifer Koskinen, from Merritt Design Photo, to give Lauren’s jewelry a modern, timeless look.”

The ads will run in fashion and lifestyle publications and will be also be used as in-store posters and collateral.


Funny lines. Nice art direction. I like these.

Agree. Cool strategy meet cool headlines meet cool art direction. It steers clear of the longstanding Zales work. What does the copy read underneath the lines?

Never mind. It says 'Worth the Sacrifice' like I suspected. Good. That brings this ad campaign full circle, and adds another feather in Fear Not's cap.

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