New FirstBank Mobile Spots Star Tech-Inept Amish – Via TDA_Boulder

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Simple, hilarious concept. Kudos to TDA for never letting this campaign get stagnant.


This is awesome. Nice work dudes.

TDA is a snowball rolling down the hill with new ideas.

Really nice work.

"...then bury it in the ground, so the elders don't find it."
That is comic gold right there.
Great work.

I'm sure it was done for budgetary reasons, but it would've been nice to see a couple of non-Amish executions. Like a tech-inept old lady, a guy riding the short bus, etc. Good stuff, just the same.

Kudos to First Bank as well. That client seems to get it.

Honestly, this is true same crap that TDA has down for years for First Bank. Kudos for lulling the client to sleep, but jeez, is that all you guys have?

Gotta disagree. This is brand new territory. Can you show us some spots that are similar to this one? If not, pipe down.

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