California Mini-Storage Helps You Make Room for the Important Stuff – Via Denver's Philosophy Communication

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It’s an undeniable fact: Americans are hoarders. We collect more knicks and more knacks than anyone that we just can’t part with, which gobble up precious real estate normally reserved for everyday furniture items. Enough.

Philosophy's postcard and poster campaign tells homeowners and renters, yes, your tables, cribs and sofas all deserve first dibs on space.


I liked this idea a lot more when Crispin did it over a decade ago.

Thanks for the link. I checked it out.. And neither Jay or I have ever seen that campaign. Happens sometimes when we're in vacuums. The visual gag of a worn sun or dirt spot is the same. Agree. But we're using it in a different way. I'll give this a "same, but different" award for a different category. Again, thanks for the heads-up.


Has anyone in the history of the ad world ever pointed out similarities like this without sounding like a complete douche?

and I love how you do it in the same ironically, unoriginal way that almost everyone before you has pointed out someone has done something similar.

"Don’t imitate, originate!" –– Quote from Randall Erkelens’ bio on Philosophy Communication’s website

If you have a good art director, a good photographer, and a good retoucher , then you can create wonderful results. If you have no time, no money, and a bad photographer, then you can see all the ugly stuff from other campaigns.

Trevor - thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read my bio. I look forward to not hiring you in the future.

Anonymous - Grow-up. Spend more time creating instead of tearing down. Way to be true professional. I'm sure you'll go far in this industry. At least I used my real name to stand behind my word. If comparing douchery, I believe you win the prize. Nuff said.



A trifle defensive, aren't we, Randall? All I did was simply use your own words without editorializing or criticizing. I left it to the individual reader to form his or her own opinion. If that’s all it takes to get your knickers in a twist, perhaps Anonymous isn’t the only one who needs to “grow up.”

As far as not hiring me, much as I hate to deprive you of the pleasure of rejecting me, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance. While I'm sure your agency does very nice work, if your laughably strident overreaction is any indication of what you’re like to work for, you won’t have to worry about receiving any resumes from me.

No need to get so defensive, Randall. That's like fighting fire with fire. Or in this case, douche with douche.


This is very disheartening. I left the PR agency environment because of the pettiness that comes with the sorority/"mean girl" culture, after an older dude on the client side suggested it's the fastest path to a positive environment. Guys, it's a real bummer to see that the ad agency men are now as bad as the female-dominated PR culture.

To the original poster...obviously you worked on that first Crispin campaign (or were tangentially involved). Why else would you launch off negative? Obvi you think you're "better than" and controlled by ego. If anything, be flattered and quietly move forward so you can do great work again...albeit "10 years" later. I highly doubt a negative mind is creating much of anything anymore.

Trevor - Though factual and pretty funny or at least clever wit, ya still launched off in support of the negative-minded slammer. I think compassion for the dude who did nothing to evoke negative attacks would have been cooler than jumping on the bully bus. Use your power for good, not destruction.

Randall - You might want to hire one of those PR mean girls, who would have advised you against getting sucked into this mess or post under another name so as to not even tie you to this negativity (particularly on the same page your agency is touted). I admire your integrity in using your name, but fighting back is distracting from the positivity of your showcase article. And the "not hiring you" comment, while a great point about how small the industry is (particularly in this speck of a town on the industry map), also revealed you're ego being in control - even if just momentarily.

This makes me sad. I was thinking of going back to the agency side, but if even the dudes are like this, then no thanks! Client side might not be as exciting, but perhaps it better being in a productive and positive environment.

I see why this is called the egotist...ALL ego-driven, at least in the case of your arguments with each other.

Can't we all get along YET? Seriously folks this is Denver/Boulder...we are lucky to do creative work at all in our cute little cowtown.

Time to go skiing/riding perhaps?

D. Yep. You're right. Best not to engage. My mistake.



Not to beat what is by now a long-dead horse, but I find it interesting that both you and Randall seemed to view my reprinting Randall's quote as a "negative-minded slammer." As I pointed out in my last post, all I did was present his own words without any comment of my own. I didn’t embellish it or paraphrase it or do anything to alter its original meaning. t simply thought it was relevant in the context of the conversation on this board.

The fact is, it’s entirely possible to view the quote in a positive light. One could take it to support Randall’s initial assertion on this thread that he had not seen the campaign that Crispin did for Ikea rather than as any sort of ironic comment. Like I said, I left it for the readers to come to their own judgement. The fact that both you and Randall immediately assumed it was trash talking on my part may say more about you than it does about me.

There was nothing, however, unambiguous about Randall's comment about how he looked forward to not hiring me. Not only was it a hilariously petty response on his part, it’s also pretty arrogant of him to assume that I’d ever apply for a position at his agency in the first place. As I said earlier, his agency may do terrific work -- but I had no plans on sending my resume there.

In fairness to Randall, it’s no fun having your work -- and your integrity -- called into question in a public forum. But I dare say he overreacted to an embarrassing degree. For all I know, Randall is a stand-up dude and an outstanding creative. But I think it’s his response that was “negative-minded” -- and I daresay his ego was anything but "in control" when he wrote it.

Also, while the original anonymous poster might have been a bit snarky, the fact is, his point was a valid one. The California Mini-Storage campaign does bear a strong resemblance to Crispin’s Ikea campaign. But even Anon never actually says that Randall stole the campaign.

I agree that there is a lot of bitterness, anger and egotism run amok on these boards. That’s one of the reasons why the Egotist’s "Dear Me" was such a welcome change. But at the same time, there should be a place for legitimate criticism. We should have standards. Otherwise, what’s the point? If we settle for the status quo and do nothing but applaud work even if it’s not very good (and I’m not saying that the California Mini-Storage campaign isn’t) for fearing of possibly offending someone, then we as individuals and as a creative community will never get better.

Anyway, I -- and this thread -- have gone for far too long.

I was joking about the not hiring thing btw.
Nuff with conversations / debates with anonymous figures. Feel free to call me for a beer though. 303 394 2366. I'm a block or two from Brekenridge Brewery on Kalamath should you want to discuss this in person.


Randall, my bad for my not realizing you were joking about the whole "not hiring" thing. Looks like I overreacted as well. Even though I am employed (for now, at least), given today's wobbly economy -- and the news coming out of Crispin about layoffs there -- I guess was I was being a bit too sensitive. Hence the outrage.

I think we can put this thread to bed and this unpleasantness behind us. Best of luck to you.

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