Denver's Futuristic Films Creates First Interactive Film for Kia, "Red Flash"

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In July 2013, Korean digital agencies, PostVisual and PYX Innovation Labs-Korea hired Futuristic Films to produce a 6-part interactive web-series for Kia Motors to support the launch of the new Kia Cerato Koup.

With the goal of capturing a viral audience, Futuristic partnered with agency creatives at the script level to develop a unique story and visual approach that would spotlight the coupe’s versatility and charm. The result is an action-packed “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” that chronicles one extraordinary night in the life of protagonist Wildon Hamilton. For Wildon, another dreary night stocking shelves at the comic store is transformed into a night-long ‘who-done-it’ style chase across the city after a chance encounter with a mysterious “Red Flash.”

Working through six straight nights, the Futuristic team shot the “The Red Rebel” across 12+ Denver-based locations. The project called for the utilization of a variety of new tools, which included a small drone for capturing aerials, the Movi handheld stabilization unit, and a 6x6 Polaris camera vehicle. The movie was shot primarily on the Red Epic with a Canon C500 utilized for extreme low-light situations.

In order to accommodate an extremely tight delivery schedule, footage was immediately ingested for the daytime crew so that post could begin cutting concurrently with production. Over the proceeding three weeks, Futuristic post-production, in partnership with PYX-Korea, edited and color graded six fast-moving visual FX story segments to produce Kia's first interactive movie.


Cool My apartment was in the video!

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