#ShitToHit: Tonight – Jason Thielke: 'Monuments' @ David B. Smith Gallery

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Please join us in celebrating the new exhibition of Jason Thielke's work, Monuments , opening at the David B. Smith Gallery this Friday, January 24th, from 7-9 pm. Thielke is a Denver-based artist known for his dreamy, graphic style. For this exhibition of new works, Monuments, Thielke has transitioned from the idealized feminine forms he is known for, to a series of epic landscapes.

With Monuments, Thielke pairs the classic cinematic landscape of Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah border, with three famous Colorado landmarks: the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs; well-known rock formations from the world-renowned venue Red Rocks Amphitheater; and the Boulder Flatirons.

Working primarily with mixed media on wood panels, Thielke contrasts areas of fluid line-work with sharp geometric elements to achieve an effect which inspires emotion, while harkening to the endless graphic planes of early software design. Thielke incorporates the gestural, abstract linework he is known for into his interpretation of these sites and offers the viewer a stylized new landscape.

The exhibition also includes a series of renderings of animals native to these spaces, including the Great Horned Owl, elk, and mountain lion. Every work is made up of intersecting lines and planes, and Thielke plays with the weight and thickness of each line and curve to achieve a dynamic, compelling composition. Whether portraying the curvature of the human body or the stretch of Western landscapes and geological formations, Thielke does so with his signature graphic and imaginative style.


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