Denver's Citizen Pictures Wishes Guy Fieri a Happy Birthday with a Mini Me

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As you may imagine, Guy Fieri goes big on his birthday. So, the perfect gift requires some special planning on Citizen Pictures' part — the Denver company that handles production for the Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.'

Jim Brisnehan, Head Designer at Citizen, created a sculpture of Guy and his famous Camaro from wood and clay as a gift. Jim started by using a 3D model of a ’68 Camaro that allowed him to print out views of the top, sides, front and back (the real car was out on location). Those views were spray mounted to pieces of wood, cut out on a band saw and glued together. Then the car was carved, shaped, sanded and painted to look as realistic as possible.

Citizen had some pretty good photo references of Guy in the pose that they wanted to use, but only had the front view. Guy was created using a strong clay called Super Sculpey that you heat in an oven. Sculpey becomes almost like a hard plastic when heated, but it’s best to have a wire structure underneath. Jim usually creates a full skeleton using good anatomy reference so he knows that the proportions are correct.

Over the skeleton, Jim added muscles, then clothing and finally painted details like Guy’s tattoo and the logo on his shorts. As expected, his hair was the biggest challenge — requiring small wires inside each grouping of hair to ensure it wouldn’t break.

The “Triple D” signs were made out of wood and aluminum with wire bent into shape for the neon letters. Nice custom gift for the one and only.


Dude that is just some amazing talent there Jim! Nice work and happy Friday.

yeah thats crazy accurate

Very unexpected and excellent. Long live true craftsmanship.

Very cool. Too bad Guy's a dickhead in real life though...

Jim is a pimp yo.

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