#PackagingLaunch: Rebbl Tonic - Via Boulder's Moxie Sozo

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REBBL Tonic is a brand with an ambitious vision like no other: to develop the world's finest organic, ethically-sourced, therapeutic strength herbal tonic while at the same time using the profits to help stop human trafficking and end exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. Moxie Sozo created the visual and verbal language for the brand. Within weeks of the launch, REBBL was able to raised over $150,000 for Not For Sale — a global nonprofit focused on eliminating human trafficking around the world.


Lovely, really... Maybe it's me, but at a quick glance I thought it may have been redesign for the Synergy Drinks Kombucha line. Even if I did think that, this brand's image surpasses that of SD. Great job!

Beautiful work.

Ahem. One trick pony...

Clearly Nate Dyer didn't work on these. #qualitycontrol

Did you guys make those bottles in photoshop? The glass and the caps look so real. GREAT WORK, GUYS!

I love Moxie's work but I agree they look wayy too much like the GTs kombucha labels.

Yay for Ramzy! Good lookin' guy, good lookin' design.

Moxie does unf*uckinbelievable work, but even the best have flops. I don't think this looks like GT's at all, however it isn't as good as some of their stuff.

I like the bird one. Nice work.

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