Denver's Peril for Backcountry Magazine

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Peril recently teamed up with Freed Motion on a fun 3D illustration piece for Backcountry magazine that included light-painting photography and paper-craft models. Here's the lowdown.

"Backcountry recently approached Peril to illustrate a two-page spread for the January edition. The story, called 'The Elegant Path,' described a backcountry skier’s morning ascent up through a snow-covered pine forest, where he mentally works through the issues of the past week, work stress, family obligations. The piece was very esoteric, and described the author’s feeling of flow as he moved through the trees, finding the path of least resistance, all stresses leaving his body as his mind became centered. I envisioned a photo illustration and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try light-painting. Moving a light source across the camera’s frame as the shutter is held open, the light’s path is recorded in time."

More shots and details on the process here.


So awesome!

Jamie is one talented sumbitch. Solid idea man.

This looks awesome. Well done.

Hand crafted art and the Backcountry. Come on! Does it get any better. Bringing it back to xactos and cutting mats always rules! Analog baby!!

Nice work Fred and Ed!!

Wooooo Jamie! This turned out amazing!!

Thanks everyone! Super fun project. It's always awesome when you have an Art Director who trusts his creatives to take risks. BC magazine had no idea how this would turn out, but I convinced them to believe. Was worth the effort.

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