The New Packaging for Fort Collins' New Belgium Brews Finally Drops in Its Entirety

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One of the most iconic, hand-done beer packaging designs in the history of beer packaging has been replaced by, well, it's been replaced. (We all knew this was coming, per our post back in August.)

Aside from the bothersome fact that New Belgium's redesign was removed from the exceptionally capable hands of longtime agency partner Cultivator here in town — and saddled with out-of-staters, San Francisco's Hatch Design — the new labels just seem too slick and to have lost their charm to us. We'd love to know your thoughts. There's a big rundown on Brand New if you want more details.

"The new design reimagines New Belgium’s iconic and playful watercolor imagery from the past 22 years through a modern lens. This colorful, handcrafted look has been with us since our inception and the new design brings the portfolio together in a fresh and contemporary way. We know that while the watercolors will always be part of the New Belgium story, we think the new designs will delight our long time fans while also inviting new folks into the fold. While the new look is a cleaner and more easily seen at a distance, the art is anything but cookie cutter in that every image starts as a photo and is repainted by hand. Much of the line — Fat Tire, Ranger — is simply a reimagining of our original themes."


so many agencies here could have totally owned this. sad. so homegenized.

even though it sucks they went out of state, i think the packaging is better.

personally when i drink a beer i don't want people to think i just got out of class at Naropa.

While I agree that many agencies in CO would have absolutely knocked this out of the park, it does feel like a nice refresh overall. The design is clean, updated and uniform while still adhering to the roots of New Belgium as a brand. It personally always seem strange to me that some of the newer brews had one packaging implementation while the originals had another. This builds on both and makes it seem very cohesive. Personally a fan

The new design feels like a Wordpress template for beer packaging. Gotham font that's so hot right now, change header color, insert image, done. It may be cohesive and clean, but it lacks personality or the unique feel that New Belgium has always evoked to me.

Not unique or particularly interesting. Blue Paddle and Sunshine in particular seem like concepts that went from sketch to execution without too much thinking. Of all these, fat tire and shift feel the stingiest, but that might be because they didn't stray too far from the original packaging.


Though I'm partial to Cultivator, it seems like a fine refresh to me.

Also: Comps are missing a circle logo on the Abbey 6-pack and missing the brand name on the Trippel... right?

HELP HELP HELP! Fort Collins has been invaded by a pack of hipsters!!!!!! They have taken over New Belgium Brewery Help!

I very strongly dislike this.

I just noticed the new belgium logo is missing from the Abby six pack front. Hummm. Odd.

It's cleaner. Yes. But loses some of the craft feeling the brand was established with.


This rocks!!!!!!!!!

It'll definitely be unique in the beer aisle. I like the stand alone illustrations, but it doesn't feel like New Belgium to me—especially having been to the brewery. I'm sure I'll come around though.

^ to emmas point, it will set itself off as different on the shelf. the whole microbrew "illustrative" look has gone crazy. could have been a whole lot worse.


All I think of is that poor bicycle illustration, the inspiration for the old Fat Tire label, hanging on the brewery's walls. What a shame!

This isn't ping pong.

It's a god damn water vessel

sad, its completely lost its "old craft Belgium" feel to the brand......

yes, the packaging is clean and current. It sure did lose its soul. Not saying that the old packaging didn't need an update, but why didn't they try to capture more of the craftiness they had with their ads or how their brewery looks. I hope they don't change that as well and get corporate.

To me, the labels look like they are for a big box beer like Coors or Budweiser, not like the tasty craft beer that is Fat Tire. I miss the old label. The new labels make me like the beer less.

Disgusting, looks like beer sold via Eddie Bauer now. Thankfully I can turn to LAGUNITAS & SIERRA NEVADA. This new marketing appears to be geared towards the mid-life Home Depot/Bed Bath & Beyond shopper looking to buy a beer. NB has lost its edge & originality. Glad I brewed a clone of it a month ago, so I won't have to buy it in this fairy packaging.

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