Carbondale's Tyler Stableford Documents Ethiopian Girl's Journey to NY to Receive Life-Saving Treatment

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Aster Degaro suffered from a life-threatening tumor on her neck, one that had grown to enormous proportions and couldn’t be treated anywhere in East Africa. Ostracized by her peers, Aster couldn’t attend school, and dreamed of a life free from disease and house-bound exile.

The project was born from Dr. Jim Alpers’ work with the nonprofit Wide Horizons for Children, where he first met Aster Degaro in Ethiopia in 2010 on a medical mission. Tyler and Dr. Alpers have both adopted children from Ethiopia and have become active volunteers for Wide Horizons’ humanitarian-aid efforts there.

After three years of effort, Dr. Alpers helped bring Aster to New York City for surgery, where surgeons with the nonprofit Little Baby Face Foundation successfully removed the tumor.

Carbondale's Tyler Stableford filmed with Aster last August in her home village of Bona, Ethiopia, just before she and her father made the long journey to New York for her surgery. Dateline picked up the piece as a web exclusive.

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I love hearing happy stories like this. Kudos to Tyler and his team.

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