#ShitToHit: Saturday Night – Andrew Hoffman: 'Watershed' @ GroundSwell Gallery

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Please join us in celebrating the new exhibition of Andrew Hoffman's work, Watershed, opening at GroundSwell Gallery this Saturday, February 8th, from 7-10 pm. Andrew Hoffman (b. 1984) is a Denver-based artist, designer and illustrator. He grew up in Bailey, Colorado. He graduated from Western State Colorado University (BFA ’07) and also studied at the Classical Art Academy in Boulder, Colorado.

Artist's Statement:
Humans are programmed to see the world by scanning for patterns. Breaks in these patterns create contrast. Sometimes these breaks are welcomed, sometimes they aren’t, either way, they make life interesting. Too much contrast creates oversaturation – an ambient environment. Like the inaudible sound at a baseball game. It’s beautiful in a way, a peace in the chaos scenario.

My work investigates these patterns, tension created from the contrast and ambient environments.

These paintings were created simultaneously over the past year. I worked and reworked them, slowly layering over layers. I looked at them when I awoke and before I fell asleep. During this process, the paintings became a part of my routine – my pattern. They stopped representing images, stopped being paintings and became everyday objects – a confluence of art and life.

Objects tend to change according to their surroundings and their neighbors. I’m interested in these paintings becoming beacons of memory association, emotional triggers, and ultimately, “objects” in someone else’s pattern.


What a rad show. Nice work Andrew.

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