New Reel from Denver/Colorado Springs-Based Vladimir Jones

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"We believe that there is a fundamental truth behind each success story, and our ability to discover and leverage that truth makes us a valuable partner. So we never do anything without knowing why. We never stop measuring, innovating and improving. We make our clients relevant to the people who matter most. Because the truth is, that's the way to create ROI."

What do you think?


Didn't realize truth was so loud and in your face.

Agree with the previous comment. The music and energy of the video doesn't match the content. Nice pretty pictures of the Broadmore with loud dub step is a bit of a disconnect. The work looks good though.

painfully desperate to appear relevant.

Hit the nail right on the head. Just doesn't work for me.

Reels like this are better left to motion, animation and production studios. In the end it feels like it's nothing but flash with no real substance, just a bunch of pretty effects, animations and transitions. Who are these targeted at, prospective clients? No matter how well done they are they come across as patting themselves on the back and wanting to look cool. But hey that's just me?

They're not being truthful about their own brand.

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