Denver's Legwork Introduces Us to George and His Nissan Leaf

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The ad starts by introducing us to George, a guy from Atlanta, Georgia who likes all the things that Georgians should, including iced tea and pulled pork sandwiches. After buying a LEAF, George not only gets to enjoy the freedom and speed of driving in the HOV lane thanks to Georgia perks for EV owners, but also gets to save a whole lot of money compared with his old car.

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for George’s family and friends to see what a great time he’s having in his LEAF, so they soon also buy a LEAF, before encouraging their friends and family to buy one too. And that's exactly how Atlanta, Georgia has become one of Nissan’s fastest-growing LEAF markets in the U.S. Not dealers, incentives or special lease deals, but good old-fashioned word of mouth.



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