Art/Creative Director Andy Dutlinger Goes Freelance, Lucky Us

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For the last nine years, as the guy who could always be counted on to nail it, Andy Dutlinger has set (and reset) the bar at Sukle Advertising & Design. His work has a purity of messaging and a visually interruptive style that turns every piece he touches into the stick-in-your-brain experience we all seek in our work. If you're searching for an instinctive advertising mind to punch up your power, Dut is now available for freelance in Colorado and beyond. Get him while you can.

My birth certificate says my name is Andrew Forrest Dutlinger. I usually tell people my name is Andy. Somehow, at some point, they end up calling me Dut.

I grew up in Georgia where I once saw my little brother eat a dried up worm after a rainstorm. He said "yumm, good bacon." Imagination runs in the family.

If I were to describe myself, I'd say I'm a notebook-doodling, good-time-havin' strategic thinker. Half screen printing hobbyist, half music addict, with a name tag that reads "skiier, drummer and Dad." I'm an enthusiast of smart creative and a passionate freelance Art/Creative Director that likes to write. And, a cancer survivor and life-liver, ta boot. I'm capable of managing award-winning projects from concept, to presentation, to execution and through production. Oh, and I don't eat worms.

Feel free to email me if there's something we could work on together. If you'd like to call me, point at your phone and touch these numbers: 303-818-1603.


Great dude, great work. Good luck Andy, or should I say good luck to me.

If it weren't for those big ass mountains in our backyard, Dut would be working in NY, SF or some other big market. We're lucky to have him. Use him up.

Thank you Mr. Egotist and others for the kind words. I'm excited to meet some new people and tackle some new challenges with you all. Let's make cool stuff.

Here's to (hopefully) not starving!

**scratches head and wonders if 3 year olds will eat ramen**

Yea! Wicked bro. Love your work! Keep it up. Hit me up anytime you want to camp out somewhere and make some stuff. :D

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