Integer Sends Pringles to YouTube Heaven with Ping Pong Trick Shots

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Kinda fun. 1.7MM views so far. Hard to say how many of the stunts were fabricated.



DE, not sure it was necessary to question the authenticity of their views, unless you routinely do that on any other videos you've posted. Which I don't believe you do.

Good on them for creating a viral effort that is actually integral to their product. Where do I get those little backboards?

Wasn't meant to come off that way, Gregg. We were talking about the stunts being fabricated — and whether or not they were special effects trickery. Poor wording on our part.

Every shot in this Dude Perfect video—and others—is 100% legit.

Thanks for the comment Anonymous - you must work on the Dude Perfect...errr Pringles account at Integer. Too contrived. Trying too hard. Incorporates the package not the product.

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