Boulder's COMMON Launches a Do-Good Marketplace

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Do you believe that what you buy, what you wear, what you eat, what you drive, where you play, how you work — well, that all of it matters? That some companies are more committed to the common good than others? And that they deserve your business? Yes. COMMON has created a new kind of market — that allows buyers and sellers buy and sell 'shit that matters.' Happy shopping.



anytime i see swears in stuff like this, it just feels like a bunch of old ad agency guys trying to sound young and relevant.

it's not edgy. it's just lazy.

You just wish you'd come up with it.

Totally agree. Kind of like when TDE uses #ShitToHit.


Well, we can't stop now. It's much too entertaining getting under your skin.

Just by posting that TDE you showed them they got under your skin.

Let's all just keep buying stuff we don't need.
That will solve everyone's problems.

This website is as worthless as the wares it is peddling.

Looks like another Alex fizzle. This kind of stuff is getting too formulaic and it does nothing but keep a few old ad guys busy while their money collects interest.

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