CP+B Shows There's More to Domino's Pizza Makers Than Pizza Making

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Domino's “Labor of Love” TV spot and microsite feature Domino's employees with special "handcrafted" skills/hobbies on the side. Through the work, they want to convey that Domino's pan pizza is handmade, hand stretched and hand pressed by people who put as much care into the pizzas they make for customers, as the things they craft and create by hand elsewhere in their lives.

The TV spot highlights three employees with different hobbies — glassblowing, painting and graffiti/mural work. The website features the artwork and more in depth profiles of these three as well as a few more employees with handcrafted skills.


Painting Graffitti on a wall is a criminal FELONY in most states. Young people are getting a criminal record and often jail time for painting murals of Graffiti as Dominos shows off. Dominos has no idea what they are talking about and the damage and lives it ruins in 1000s of young people. They should work to change the law or pull the ad and be more responsible.

Graffiti art isn't always illegal. There are many business and building owners that commission or allow artists to paint murals on walls.

So perhaps dominos supports legal graffiti, as an expression of their employees culture and preferred art.

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