Denver's D-Line CO Releases a New Broncos T-Shirt: 'JFE' (John F**king Elway)

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Local illustrator/designer du jour, Eric Wedum, has released a second shirt in his quest to make sports apparel you can actually wear. A little back story on this one. To be in line with FCC regulations against cursing on the radio, the term "PFM" was born on March 20, 2012 out of the mouth of a Denver radio station host upon hearing that we'd signed "Peyton Fucking Manning."

The "JFE" (John Fucking Elway) is D-line's response to the PFM — and a way to honor both great QBs simultaneously. The John Fucking Elway is $20, printed on a super soft ring-spun bright orange, uni-sex cotton shirt and can be found right here. We're coming for you, Eagles.


Can't go wrong with Cooper Black, I would wear this even though I never seen a football game in it's entirety...

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