3 Photographers + 3 Models + 2 Cabins + 1 Amazing Location

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It all adds up to some pretty interesting results. Over the summer, local photographers Ryan Lee, Andy Martinez and Enrique Parrilla set out on a road trip down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Part experiment and part getaway, the three wanted to see what they'd capture individually having certain similar factors. Along for the journey were three beautiful models — Savana Ray, Heather Jeppson and Margaret Wyscoki, all of whom come from different backgrounds and styles of modeling — though they shared the same excitement to join the journey.

Battling an empty tank of gas scare, severe weather and scheduling issues to start the trip, the six road trippers were hoping to catch a break to shoot the following day. The weather turned out in their favor, producing some fantastic skies and sunsets for the group and stayed dry long enough for them to get out and get some work done.

Each photographer shooting with their own signature style and each model doing their own thing lead to unique results. Looking forward to the next adventure from these guys.

^See more of Ryan's photos.

^See more of Andy's photos.

^See more of Enrique's photos.


Awesome!! Beautiful!! Breathtaking!!! Amazzzzzing!!

Great experiment.
Love the "Pegasus" shot.
Good stuff.

Really nice work.

Amazing work!
Good job guys!

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