New Interactive Experience from Boulder's Climate Reality Helps You Discover the Things You Can't Live Without

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Today at the Mashable Social Good Summit, Climate Reality Project is launching a digital experience called 'What I Love.' This interactive experience is intended to make climate change personal for people around the world.

"For a lot of people, climate change is an abstract, distant threat. Some don’t realize that climate change is in our backyard, affecting the things we care about. By connecting the dots between man made carbon pollution and our most intimate personal interests, What I Love will compel people to take action and protect the things they can’t live without," says Creative Director Larry Olson.

"What I Love" is a true testament to the power of creative collaboration. The team worked closely with the digital production company B-Reel. B-Reel’s team pushed technology to the limits. Together they over 100 short video loops intermixed with over 100 photographs and created interactive animations that allow users to play with the scientific data. The effect allows visitors to be drawn to things they love and identify with, so they could connect on a personal level.

Choose the eight things you love and then explore the intricacies of how to save them — by helping end carbon pollution. Warm and fuzzy message delivery (big coup getting Demi Moore to read) for a serious global problem. Give it a try.



So stupid. These guys should focus on solving climate change instead of building expensive websites that don't make a difference.

So - no one should ever use websites to do anything but sell discounted merchandise? How then would you propose communicating to vast swaths of people that this issue affects everyone on every level?

Found this to be a pretty darn interesting site and concept. What it really does or how it actually plans to change what is happening does not particularly come across well IMO, but it definitely does a job of raising impact and awareness.

Nice work guys. Beautiful site.

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