Denver's Legwork Helps BC4U Bust Birth Control Myths

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BC4U is a Denver-based organization that provides free and confidential birth control for anyone ages 12-24. In addition to providing medical care for free, BC4U's focus has been to reach out to the youth it serves in a way that is not judgement or critical — the organization simply stresses teens' need to protect themselves before having sex.

BC4U worked with Legwork Studio to create a cartoonish, playful video about birth control myths. The video exemplifies how the brand is using humor to talk about a sensitive topic with the demographic that most needs information about it. Dig it up, down and all the way around.


I hope this organization is also informing young kids about the dangers of using birth control, that it exponentially increases their risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer and often causes permanent fertility problems. Cute animation though.

Yeah it's a fun piece but not so sure how to feel about it.

This is amazing. Exactly the kind of work I think will be shared by teens and young adults. I'll bet it blows up and achieves cult status. Well done Legwork. You continue to do work that reminds me just how much fun this biz can be.
Note to first anon poster: WTF?

Awesome work. Didn't know IUD were always free, cost my wife a bit of cast to get one.


Awesome! Style for days!

To the first anonymous comment, I am a provider at the BC4U Clinic -
People often have misperceptions about birth control not being safe and causing problems with future fertility. More myths that could have been included in the video.
The evidence is clear that birth control does not cause infertility.
There are no scientific evidence that links birth control and breast cancer. In fact, some birth controls can help prevent cancers like uterine and ovarian cancer.
Happy to clarify, as we are very concerned about patient safety and relaying accurate information.

wait, an anonymous commenter on the internet talking out of their ass with no facts? shocker

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