Denver's Karsh Hagan Helps The Colomer Group Launch d:fi Brand and Website

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d:fi is the haircare brand for people who just don't give a fuck about anything. People out for a good time. People who aren't concerned about tomorrow.

Karsh Hagan helped The Colomer Group transform d:fi's brand — its look, feel and attitude. They created heat sensitive packaging that reveals provocative photos, posters and technical materials, a new website, a brand video — shot in the streets and clubs of Berlin — and a partnership with Danish DJ Julian Jordan.

Karsh Hagan
Creative Technologist: Andrew Baker
Production Artists: Valerie Hawks, Kristine Crawford
Director of Studio: Karen Heydman
Copywriter: Karen Morris
Account Coordinators: AnneMarie Salcito, Marissa Loken
VP/Interactive: David Stewart
Art Directors: Brian Suter, Camille King, Jarrod Stanley
Creative Directors: Sean Topping, Matt Ingwalson
Account Supervisors: Caitlin Turner, Lindsay Jacobsen

Creative Partners
Musicians: Beatport, Julian Jordan, Firebeatz, Dubvision, Silk Sofa
Developer: Drew Dahlman
Photographer and Director: Diana Scheunemann
Editor: AJ Koch
Motion Graphics: Wyatt



great edit on the video.

I was unaware that the people waiting in line outside of a club were the people who aren't conforming.

Wasted. If you're not, the day is.....


"d:fi is the haircare brand for people who just don't give a fuck about anything. People out for a good time. People who aren't concerned about tomorrow."

Um. Except how cool their hair looks. And where they buy their clothes. And whether they've got the latest shoes. And going to the gym 6 hours every fucking day. Seriously, these people give a fuck about everything. If this were really the embodiment of not giving a fuck, they'd all look like Artie Lange, have shit hair and be taking a dump on the street. They certainly wouldn't stand in line for two hours to get into some vapid club. What a bunch of pretentious crap.

If you're not wasted, the day is? Did you guys lift that straight from a koozie?

Stole my thunder. Couldn't agree more, it's everything the brand says it isn't. Just look at the hilarious first page on the website...

Don't Conform. Do: Play the video. Don't: Play nice.

DO play the video? So, do what we say? Conform, in other words. Everything about this campaign is sadly ironic. They're a bunch of fashion victims getting pissed and going to clubs. That's what most people their age are doing. How about...don't conform, read a fucking book. Or don't conform, wear clothes from Target and give up your iPhone.

It's one more instance of douchebag advertising for douchebag clients aiming at douchebag customers. Really really poor. Maybe Karsh should go on the Pitch?

Advertising really does sell ideals not reality. Not once did I see a 20somthing girl in shambles, drying and throwing up her fruity cocktail in a corner of the club.

*crying, not drying

Yikes. I would expect better out of K|H.

Pretentious shit like this gives advertising a bad name. And as it already has a bad name, this is making it even worse. Who buys into this "hey, you're cool because you don't follow the rules, even though you do" bullshit? This should have died out in the 80s.

Art direction looks too staged, too clean, too perfect. No grime, no grit. No emotion. Anyone on the team ever go on a cocaine induced night? That's where you draw inspiration. Seems like overall direction came down from the top to play it safe and mediocre. As long as the clients happy.

this demographic loves being told what to do and what's cool.

Oh oh oh all you guys - for being so savvy about advertising, you are not really being very savvy. Do you really think they wanted to show the ugly side of non-conformity? They have a job to do, which is sell their client's product. This is not done with ugly obviously. I think it's pretty cool looking overall, with the understanding that it's dumbed down for the masses. That's just what we do. Good luck taking that higher road with your client. Get it?

No, savvy like the diesel stupid campaign. Pretty isn't good enough.

Julian Jordan is a DUTCH dj......

Don't y'all know there are RULES for being non-conformist?

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