Latenight Weeknight Records & Bloodshed Deathbath Productions Come Together on New Video for Denver Band Genessier

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Latenight Weeknight Records & Bloodshed Deathbath Productions came together with the help of their largest cast and crew yet to create a music video for Genessier — a nightmare industrial band based in Denver. Shot on location at the Meininger cabin in Bailey, the backdrop itself lends a perfect visual to the intensity of the song, titled "Emlyn." This marks Genessier's (Ryan Policky and Eddie Breidenbach) first release, and the album is available today for pre-order at itunes.

The Full Cast & Crew:
Eric Bakst - Writer/Co-Director
Ryan Policky - DP/Co-Director/Cameraman/Member of Genessier
Eddie Breidenbach - Member of Genessier
Tom Hoch - Production Assistant
Gable Silvian - Helicopter Operator
Jon Brown - production support
Ryan Lee - DP/Cameraman
Amy Carr - Stylist
Daniel Crosier - Blood Canon Operator
Paul Bruning - Blood Canon Tech. & Choreographer
Rob Shearer - PA + GRIP
Kennon Fleisher - Editor

Scott Craig - Actor
Jamie Nonamey - Actor
Tom Hoch - Actor
Amy Carr - Actor
Jeni - Actor
Ryan Policky - Actor
Daniel Crosier - Actor


Awesome! Really glad I could help out on this one.

Filet mignon anyone?

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