Another T-Shirt to Support Colorado Flood Victims

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If you don't jive with the shirts designed by Wild Fire Tees to support victims of the Colorado flood, web designer Stephanie Baum and illustrator/designer Scott Brooks offer you this option. 100% of the proceeds from sales will go directly to relief agencies helping those who have been displaced by the floods. Pretty nice design. Get 'em here.


I would have made a design but i was to busy filling sandbags to keep the water out of my neighbors house. It sucks that I wont be able to profit off of all the exposure and pagehits my "good" deed would have generated.

Wow dude get a life. You helped your neighbors and this organization is trying to help out their way. Grow up, if the proceeds go to people who have had their lives changed by this what's it to you. Don't worry I'm sure youll find a way to generate profit some day. Dick.

Well both Scott and Stephanie grew up here in Boulder, so I greatly appreciate their support and work.

Plus this way I can still help my homestate with being hundreds of miles away! Thanks for this!

Well I am not from Colorado. I actually live in south Carolina but people very dear to me live in Loveland and I love that there are other ways for people, not able to fill sandbags, to donate and spread the word for others to donate as well. Especially with all proceeds going to benefit those in need. Heck yeah!

Being out of state,but from Boulder, I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the effort by buying this t-shirt for everyone in my family.

Perhaps the first commenter simply doesn't know the meaning of the word "profit." You see, sir, when 100% of the proceeds go to the relief effort, the artist who made the shirt is not making a profit. That's how profits work. Lesson complete.

Thank you! We just purchased some shirts. My family and I have spent many, many good times in the CO front range. Praying for all affected by this.

Actually if you read their website the 100% proceeds isn't outlined anywhere. It clearly states (printing costs, shipping, etc..). Guaranteed the artist will take a cut. It is important that when you contribute to a fund that you clearly account for distribution of funds. These two have not. Irresponsible reporting for what is clear in black and white on their own website.

It's actually 100% of the net proceeds go to relief efforts. The only money being taken out is clearly stated for printing costs and they have guaranteed that a complete breakdown of costs and donations will be listed so donators can be well informed as to how their dollars were spent. As for your guarantee that "the artist will take a cut" is not only false but absolutely unfounded.

I spoke with Scott Brooks (the designer above) this weekend and he said, "We're not making a dime on any of this." He said that ALL proceeds from their fundraising are being donated to three foundations: The Boulder Community Foundation, Longmont Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

Just checking in to see when you are actually shipping the t-shirts? I ordered 4 a month ago but haven't heard anything since. Hope all the money is going where it should be!

I have ordered T-shirts also and wondering when we might expect them?

I sure hope this company is legit. Why? I ordered a tee, have yet to receive it. No updates have been done since October. Really wondering. Hope they did not take everyone for their money?? :(

If you want to see more about our flood relief efforts, here is a link to the KDVR Fox 31 story that ran.
We appreciate your patience and Thank you for your support!

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