Wild Fire Tees Shifts Focus to Latest Colorado Natural Disaster – Floods

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With epic floods hammering our state, the good folks at Wild Fire Tees are bringing their steely resolve, generosity and characteristic humor to help people who are recovering from the latest disaster to slap Colorado upside the head. Buy a Colorado Surf Co. tee designed by CoPilot Creative's Austin Buck and give a life preserver to those who need it — 100% of profits go to support victims of the Colorado floods.


This seems opportunistic at best, that graphic is insensitive. REAL lives were swept away. The wildfire tees seemed ok but this stinks, you guys should rethink this. I can give money without buying this crap.

^to the above "another annon" comment. You should probably research how much they have donated the past two years thru their Colo Springs Fire T-shirts before seeing this as opportunistic. They are based in CO Springs. They are one of the largest single donation sources thru their effort. And yes you can give money without buying this.

^ That's relative. Whatever their intentions, this particular concept seems in bad taste.

agreed on the concept. but not more than a state logo burning? both lives were lost, swept away or set on fire. whats the difference? or is this one of those "too soon" concepts?

glad im not the only one on this. they did great things with the fire tees but this design is in real bad taste. there are so many other concepts that could have been better options.

To Anon: Do we always have to be sooooo sensitive? Jeeeez. I like the concept for the tee. Funny and playful. I don't find it distasteful at all. I think a little humor is just what we need now. People don't buy shirts with a big heart, saying something to the effect of "Save Colorado". And after all their raising money for people who need it. If they don't produce a product that people will actually buy, then no money can be raised. And btw - they give 100% to the victims. How many charities you know of that give 100%?

They are going to have to change the name to Disastermath Tees

80 people are missing in Boulder. 1000's of people have lost much (or all) what they own.

Your heart might be in the right place, but it is too serious of a situation and too soon to be this lighthearted about it.


They are giving 100% of the proceeds to the victims. You would prefer they don't make the t-shirts? I hope all the people that are so critical about this t-shirt go fly down and help some of these victims. What is the intent? To help. Why don't you try.

Come on people, get a life. Is that all you have time to do in piss on people who are making good for those who need help. There are bigger things to worry and complain about than your take on someone else's artistic view. I think I will buy 20 and give them to family and friends, who have been affected by both the fires and flooding.

conversely i do like their "hell or high water" one. much more appropriate & what ive come to expect from wft

Just bought one of the "hell or high water" tee's for everybody in the family.

If anyone is interested in helping flood victims in larger than $20 increments, helpcoloradonow.org has good info.

We live in Longmont and were HUGELY affected by these floods. My mom and dad ended up with an RV in their yard that floated down the street from about 10 houses away. I think this shirt is awesome and am getting one for each of them as a souvenir from this horrible event. It is one piece of this that can make them smile.

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