Denver's Philosophy Communication Brands the City of Littleton

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As we've seen in the past with other municipality rebrands for Colorado Springs and the state of Colorado itself, people take great pride in the logo and tagline associated with their place of residence. (Who knew?) So, it's with bated breath that we introduce you to latest city ident — for Littleton, Colorado courtesy of Philosophy Communication.

"It's not really a rebranding, because we didn't have a brand," explains Littleton spokeswoman Kelli Narde. "What we had in the past was not really a logo, just a typeface; there was no image that went with it."

For those who have a passion for the place, as well as those you don't, what do you think?


Littleton is a huge blob of a suburb with a tiny, adorable downtown somewhere in the western half. It is pleasant and unoffensive. Growing up there, I had neither pride nor shame in my "town". The new brand fits perfectly.

Homogenous and unexciting, just like the suburbs. It's perfect.

I live in Colorado Springs and lived through that original epic design disaster. I think the Littleton logo is dull, poorly designed and reminiscent of 1985, though it is very successful in making me think of beige suburban life.

Wow, all the hate for suburban life. So if beige (boring) is fitting for suburban life, would yellow (hobo piss) be fitting for city life? Or how about gray (concrete)?

I just keep thinking of Mark Twain when I see this logo and I want to sail off on a Steam ship or tug boat.

Painfully mediocre at best.

It's a factory! That produces German flags!

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