Oh Editors, Come Out to Play

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We've heard from a couple production companies in town — and one in particular yesterday — that everybody is super stretched right now and hurting for video editors. They'd like us to tell you to please introduce yourselves under this thread by firing a link to your portfolio and/or reel in the comment section (or email us at the@denveregotist.com and we'll pass you on to the right people). New on the scene or seasoned veteran, they'd really like to know who you are so they can get in touch and pay you some quality cheddar. Don't wait.


Wow! This is pretty incredible. I've never seen a post like this.I'm booked until January but always love meeting new peeps.


This is pretty cool. I have a pretty open schedule and links to my work can be found at www.heatherhildreth.weebly.com and www.denverstreeteats.com.

The more the merrier. This market needs some competition.

I am available immediately! Denver native who just moved back after working in Los Angeles for several years as an editor and quality control tech. I can offer eight years of editing experience and a passion for storytelling through the visual medium.

Editing Reel: http://youtu.be/bfVTCZIU7Fc

Resume Link: http://tallsea.weebly.com/uploads/3/4/1/6/3416711/collinmcdowell_resume0...

My Website: http://tallsea.weebly.com

Thank you!
-Collin McDowell

What an awesome thing to see! We are mostly hit up for motion work, but our roots are in editorial and would love more of it anytime.



We are booked fairly solid but always on the hunt for more.

Senior video producer/editor http://henrymccomas.com

I'm not looking to take on additional work right now, but I'll throw my link up for good measure. Since my website hasn't been updated in quite a while, here's a link to my vimeo page which has a little bit of my recent work.

Great to see all the video talent in the Denver market.


It's great to see how much work there is for video editors in Denver. Glad to see all my fellow editing pals are super busy. Thanks, Egotist, for keeping us in mind.

13 years of editorial experience here, 6 of them spent as a Senior Editor/Director at Citizen Pictures. Hit me up!


I have been working pretty steady, and haven't bothered to stop to get a reel together. I'm certainly interested in connecting with more people in the area, and doing more good work...

Here are some recent projects:

As well as my feature doc in progress, regarding my 2009 tour to Afghanistan with the Marines:

New to the Denver area. Previously worked in Washington DC with 13 years experience. Available immediately.


Director / Editor Peter Odiorne (repped by Futuristic Films in Denver) is also available as a freelance Editor through Hubbubble:


Whoa! This great!
I have some stuff going on at the end of the month into november but im available next week. My website has my latest and greatest.

Been a while since I updated my works on vimeo but here ya go. Lots of fun stuff for your entertainment pleasure.



I'm always looking for new clients. Please have a look at my portfolio site and give me a call. Thanks!


You can check out some of my work on my vimeo page (password: reel).


I'm a freelancer that is bi-costal and would love to set up a meet and greet with any shops in the Denver area, even if you currently don't have any work.


Great to see Denver blowing up. Here is my Reel and contact information.

Vimeo Reel


Thanks Egotist! Always up for some new clients. Check out my links below:


I just recently returned to the Denver area, so I have immediate availability for my production and post-production services.

Here are a few recent examples of my work and my contact info:

I look forward to meeting some folks in the Denver area!

I share my time between LA and Denver. My reel and samples of my work can be seen on my website.



Always looking for great opportunities, and am thrilled to see there are some out there. Recently got back to Denver after a stint in Los Angeles and am still getting my work organized, but I come with 10 years of experience at networks and production companies. Some recent work and credentials at:


Should be able to contact me through either link. Best regards.

Andrew Morrisey

Oh great. the comment spammers have arrived. learn how to market for real.

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