Metro Marketing Professor Keeps the Colorado Branding Controversy Going

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When it comes to the new logo that was selected late this summer to represent Colorado as a brand, we're ready to move past the debate and start seeing it on state vehicles. But not Metropolitan State University of Denver marketing professor Darrin Duber-Smith. "It looks like something my students could have put together in five minutes," he said recently. Putting his money where his mouth is, he set his Senior Seminar in Marketing class to work to come up with their own versions of the mark over one week. Can't say we see any improvement.


these attempts actually make me appreciate the real one. Good job professor!

i'll take the original as well.

LOL @ 5

oh man. this is the studientiest work that any student ever studented.

Should of had a better school create something

Nothing says "make the rest of the state resent the city of Denver even more" than slapping the skyline on the "state logo". Good job kids.

This just made my day.

the biggest poo pit of poopy pixels i've ever laid eyes on

I teach in the communication design program at Metro. Just want to make clear that these were done by students in the business school, not the design program. I do not see these as an improvement, and kind of confused why a senior marketing class would be doing a design project.

I'll take the original as well. Too bad higher ed is teaching students to slap something together 'in 5 minutes' versus teaching them about the strategy and thinking that goes in to a brand identity.

Their biggest mistake was posting it on the Egotist to be judged by some of the most ruthless critics out there.

I wish one of them had used a pot leaf then it would actually be better. Keep professing professor.

If I recall, the reason they used the green CO instead of the C from the Colorado flag, is because, according to a nationwide polls, people identified it with Chicago. Unfortunately Coloradans also identify with that C and not the green CO they chose. Oh well

Also, the slogan should be "it's in our nature" instead of "it's our nature." that is all

This is a perfect example of why you keep the MBA's out of creative, thank you METRO

sadly they are teaching how a lot of business approach design and branding.

why pay a professional, just slap together a piss poor one yourself, and save your self money!

The class results are stunningly bad. I would be embarrassed to be in that program.

Duber-Smith, "It (the CO logo) looks like something my students could have put together in five minutes"

His statement says it all. Its proves his own ignorance of design. The student comps are bad. Sadly, the poll on the Denver Post article has schizophrenic comp #3 at the forefront of the voting.

Jebus. do yourselves a favor and don't go read the comments in the article.

the problem with opinions is it's wasted on people who are too stupid to be sharing theirs... including mine.

this work is embarrassing, but really, this project was part of the business school, not the art school, or the communication design department. we're not too bad over in the design department, i swear.

I had Duber-Smith as a prof at Metro and he is an egotistical grumpy poo who hates eevvvverything. Why local pubs quote him as a credible source is beyond me.

They are horrible, but this doesn't prove that the official one is any good either...

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